Farhoud Saleh

Realtor Partner

About Farhoud Saleh

Farhoud Saleh brings a long history of negotiation and the best sales experience to your Real Estate transactions by having served his Clients’ needs on the best Teams and with the most reputable Real Estate Companies.

He is equally skilled in negotiating your home purchase for the best purchase price, as he is in selling your home for the best applicable sales price and will work tirelessly on achieving the Win-Win situation for all the participants in your transaction.
 Mr. Saleh bring business experience from other types of businesses, as he has served clients in other countries and cultures and enriched his career by a strong diversity of business deals.
Equally important, Mr. Saleh’s focus on a great client’s experience and service has resulted in a number of awards for service excellence.
Working with Mr. Saleh brings such a joy and a feeling of being well taken care of.
We hope that you will have a pleasure of meeting and working with Farhoud Saleh.