Sabina Gordeuk - MSF Lending Inc.



NMLS# 319605

About Sabina Gordeuk

Sabina is an accomplished professional in the financial services industry, and a confident and authentic leader that applies the value of generous contribution in all spheres of her professional and personal life.
She leads teams in her organization in the direction of offering up knowledge, expertise and kindness while driving this action forward as a cultural mainstay.
This spurs the teams to help clients of MSF Lending – Mortgage Solution Finders, Inc. reach their goals whether that be a first-time home purchase, obtaining an investment property, or funding a big commercial investment project, while implementing the most comprehensive overview of their financial situation that is matched with their personal goals.
Sabina is especially well known and recognized among clients, business partners and other Mortgage Industry professionals for her expertise and finding solutions in challenging loan situations. As she likes to express it: “Every loan story has its protagonists and a problem to solve. I like to co-create the stories and contribute to their happy ending. It is particularly rewarding to help clients who thought that they do not qualify for a mortgage.”
Naturally, finding solutions and improving her clients’ overall financial wellbeing became a brand of Sabina Gordeuk and lead to the eventual niche specialties of MSF Lending – Mortgage Solution Finders, Inc. – being “Outside-of-the-Box” Programs
and Well-Rounded-Solutions for Borrowers.